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Post -Cancer "Second Breath" Cure




Medical certificate of no contraindication from your oncologist is require to follow the cure program.

Post-therapeutic treatment for people in total remission who have suffered a painful and invasive medical journey. A caring and considerate support to reliev and soothe the physical and psychological effects resulting  from the heavy treatments  such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Bades on a body-spirit ans dense approach, this cure will help boost your strenght, energy and will power to bring you confidence and ease your return to normal life.


LE + Serge Blanco : 100% individuals treatments


  on the program


Revitalizing treatments :

• 3 remineralizing baths with oligo-marine
• 3 hydromassages baths with essential oils
• 3 hydromassages
• 3 self-heating marine mud applications


Relaxing treatments :

• 3 relaxing massages with essential oils
• 3 hydrorelax
• 1 session of japanese detox sauna


Regenerating treatments :

• 1 sensory awaking massage
• 1 yoga session
• 1 sensitive plantar reflexology
• 1 vertebral reflexology
• 1 holistic energy session


Expert appointments :

• 1 sophrotherapeutic maintenance of beginning of cure
• 1 sophrotherapeutic assessment of end of cure


  How does it work


Free and unlimited access to the marine spa (aquatic course, sauna, hammam) and to the fitness & fitness area.

Treatments from Monday to Saturday.

Book directly on the site or with our hostesses on 05 59 51 36 36, in order to guarantee availability, book 20 days in advance and specify the references of your purchase.


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• Wearing the bathing cap and tap dancing is mandatory in our pools.

• Swimming shorts are not allowed in the pools

• Possibility of purchase on site: Tap 4.00 € - Cap 2.50 € - Package 5.00 €




• Prices are subject to change without notice.

• Cancellations less than 24 hours will not be refunded.


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