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White Card Cure




Because today the feeling of freedom influences our way of life, compose your cure according to your affinities or your curiosity.

This freedom of choice ... A definite privilege that will give your care program a satisfying appeal. Made-to-measure, for 100% satisfaction!

At the time of booking choose from the range of treatments on offer.


LE + Serge Blanco : 100% individuals treatments


  on the program


The irreplaceables :

6 treatments

• Relaxing massage with essential oils
• Lymphatic drainage
• Salt body scrub from Salies-de-Béarn
• Slimming massage "palpate-roll"
• Kansu bowl foot massage
• Cranial massage


The precious :

1 Spa treatment

• Serge Blanco signature treatment by Carita
• Kansu bowl body massage


The heteroclites :

2 activities / workshop​

• Taste workshop
• Tonic Aquabike Course
• BungyPump Sports Walk


The timeless :

12 hydrotherapy treatments

• Remineralizing bath (with oligo-marine, seaweed, essential oils, marine crystals)
• Jet shower
• Marine Affusion
• Hydrorelax
• Algae wrap (laminaria, fucus, spirulina, cotton, 3 teas)
• Application of self-heating marine sludge


The irresistibles :

2 cocooning treatments

• Serge Blanco signature massage
• Carita mythical facial treatment
• Body massage of the world
• Sensory Awakening Massage


  How does it work


Free and unlimited access to the marine spa (aquatic course, sauna, hammam) and to the fitness & fitness area.

Treatments from Monday to Saturday.

Book directly on the site or with our hostesses on 05 59 51 36 36, in order to guarantee availability, book 20 days in advance and specify the references of your purchase.


  think it


• Wearing the bathing cap and tap dancing is mandatory in our pools.

• Swimming shorts are not allowed in the pools

• Possibility of purchase on site: Tap 4.00 € - Cap 2.50 € - Package 5.00 €




• Prices are subject to change without notice.

• Cancellations less than 24 hours will not be refunded.


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