Thalasso cures 6 days

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For Her Cure 6 days




A program solely and specially design for female. This cure meets both your desire for body care and beauty care. The restorative and beneficial effect of the thalassotherapy, the relaxation ans sensorial pleasure of massages with "enchanting" scents : your body goes into relaxation and looseness mood.

A session of customized beauty recommendation will show and confirm that you are at the top, splendid ans radiant ! A "treat", for all women who want to look good and please themselves.


LE + Serge Blanco : 100% tratamientos individuales


  en el programa


Tratamientos revitalizantes :

• 3 marine affusions
• 3 tonic jet showers
• 3 revitalizing seaweed wraps or self-heating marine mud applications


Tratamientos relajantes :

• 3 relaxing massages with essential oils
• 4 remineralizing baths with oligo elements


5 Spa different Liberty treatments to choose from when booking :

• 1 body scrub with marine crystals

• 1 body scrub of orient

• 1 body massage shea butter & argan oil

• 1 facial radiance vitality

• 1 beauty spa consultation session

• 1 digito-cranial massage

• 1 floral fairy body massage

• 1 biologic thermo facial lift

• 1 prestige excellence anti-aging facial treatment


  como fúnciona


Acceso gratuito e ilimitado al spa marino (curso acuático, sauna, hammam) y al área de fitness & fitness.

Arrival posible every day.

Reserve directamente en el sitio o con nuestras azafatas en el 05 59 51 36 36, con el fin de garantizar la disponibilidad, reserve con 20 días de antelación y especifique las referencias de su compra.




• Wearing the bathing cap and tap dancing is mandatory in our pools.

• Swimming shorts are not allowed in the pools

• Possibility of purchase on site: Tap 4.00 € - Cap 2.50 € - Package 5.00 €




• Los precios están sujetos a cambios sin previo aviso.

• Las cancelaciones inferiores a 24 horas no serán reembolsadas.


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