A univers

made of a thousand and one attentions ...

Entering a Sothys Spa is the promise to live an exceptional moment and to access the highest beauty, luxury and sensuality. Discover a space entirely dedicated to the beneficial care of the body and the face to sublimate your skin.

Here, everything is calm and voluptuousness. The spa opening onto the ocean and the cozy atmosphere of spacious cabins with zen decoration is a real invitation to the journey of the senses.

Let yourself be taken care of the time of a care of the body, the face or the hair.

Immerse yourself in gourmet treatments based on natural products. Indulge in the exotic delights of world care, with captivating scents, magical concentrates of new sensations.

Treatments and products

Our favorites

My Beauty Serge Blanco Spa By Sothys

Un univers de sensualité et d’émotions

Face au vaste océan, découvrez un écrin de calme et de volupté aux lignes épurées, teintes apaisantes, lumières tamisées, senteurs délicates prélude au lâcher-prise. Des soins signatures exclusifs, l'expertise de Sothys et le savoir-faire professionnel de nos Spa Praticiennes participent pleinement à cette recherche de bien-être intense corps & esprit.

Laissez la magie opérer...

Votre visage, votre corps, vos cheveux méritent le meilleur de la cosmétique, c’est dans cet esprit que nous avons choisi de collaborer avec des marques de haute beauté.

Sothys Spa's Universes

Sothys synonyme d’excellence et de prestige, incarne le bien-être et la beauté contemporaine. Une gamme de soins complète pour hommes et pour femmes, des protocoles uniques alliant sensorialité, efficacité et approche personnalisée transforment chaque rendez-vous en une parenthèse de bien-être pour le corps et l’esprit.

Hautement spécialisée, Sothys à la pointe de l’esthétique d’avant-garde depuis 70 ans, est à l’origine de la Digi-esthétique, une gestuelle associant digito-pression, modelage et drainage pour renforcer l’efficacité des traitements et l’assimilation des actifs dans tous les soins corps et visage proposés.

Un art qui fait toute la différence.


Body Massage

At the heart of our Serge Blanco Beauty Spa by Sothys, treat yourself to the luxury of choosing the massage that suits your needs: relaxation, relaxation, toning, slimming.

Enjoy the pleasure of being massaged thanks to a know-how of our therapists and to the association of various techniques: Wraps, slipped, supported, circulatory ....

Massages around the world, anti-stress, reflexology, shiatsu, Ayurvedic, or high-tech you choose.

Listen to your desires and let yourself be carried away by this atmosphere of serenity, you will keep in memory this moment of grace

All our massages exist as a good gift, do not hesitate to seek advice from our Spa practitioners.

Ayurvedic treatments

Immerse yourself in the heart of the East and its ancestral traditions with care with distant fragrances resolutely turned towards harmony body and spirit ... .. More than a true philosophy of Indian wisdom, Ayurveda contains practices with therapeutic virtues.

The use of Ayurvedic treatments will help prevent imbalances and re-harmonize body energies.

Care strictly individualized that decline according to the metabolism of each person.

Scrub with precious spices, massage marmas points everything is thought to accompany you gently to the mental and physical development.

A unique experience, out of time for a feeling of peace and inner strength.

Body rituals

Want to live the exception? Discover our rituals and ceremonies, succession of care around a theme.

A profusion of scents, textures, real invitation to travel for absolute relaxation.

Enjoy this wonderful moment of relaxation with a proposal of gourmet and sensual care from all walks of life.

Facial care, scrubs, wraps, hot stone massage, oriental massage .. so many protocols for a range of sensations

Rituals and ceremonies coupled with 1:00 access to the fitness area: sea course, saunas, steam room, outdoor jacuzzi

Let yourself go, time stops !

On reservation only. Rituals possible every day.

For the pleasure of offering we offer these formulas as a gift voucher

Spa Day

A well-being parenthesis to test the highly relaxing power of a beauty spa treatment coupled with the benefits of the ocean.

These days thought like a real bubble of relaxation adapts to all the agendas.

A day for you between Spa Beauty Sothys and Spa-Marin in a refined setting filled with serenity facing the sea.

For Her, For him, succumb to the magic of those days made for you.

Access to the aqua relaxation area, saunas, hammam, outdoor jacuzzi, marine course discover infrastructure fully dedicated to well-being.

Cocooning at the spa, delight at the restaurant .... A real happiness

On reservation only.

Our spa days are possible every day.

For the pleasure of offering we offer these formulas as a gift voucher


Sothys Care

The perfect combination of marine benefits and beauty spa treatments to be just fine.

Take advantage of these few hours to rejuvenate and bubble in a universe dedicated to well-being.

Lumières tamisées, teintes apaisantes, ici tout est prélude au lâcher-prise.

Let yourself be in the expert hands of our spa practitioners time for a body massage around the world or a facial treatment

For an even more intense break our aqua-spa packages give access to 1h00 of spa-marine, aquatic course, saunas, hammam, outdoor jacuzzi.

Take full advantage of our facilities, pools of sea water heated to 33 °, fun pool, gym.

Our aqua-spa packages are available every day by reservation only.

exist in a good gift formula.

A perfect balance of manual intelligence, formulative requirements and instrumental sensitivity, the CARITA method plays with these three scores to push the boundaries of cosmetics to offer customers an extraordinary beauty result.

Gestural deep logo, conductive instrumental cosmetics and advanced high bioavailability formulas for high-precision facial treatments that visibly go further to achieve a result of increased beauty that lives, sees and lasts.

Above a simple relaxation moment, Carita's body care is transformative.

From the skin texture to the work of the silhouette, from the overall relaxation to the deep muscular relaxation,

CARITA body treatments offer a range of massages with dynamic techniques.

Alone or combined, they allow you to build the care that looks like you feel the desired result, through the time you have.

Hair care

Take care of yourself from head to toe ... Our hair salon barber is a real hair spa, a hair institute specialized in the care of all types of hair.

Trust the professional skills of our hairdresser associated with the expert brand of hair colored and sensitized Christophe Robin.

Discover a range of products designed to meet the most specific needs, different textures, visible and lasting effects

Short hair, curly hair, damaged scalp, our hair salon offers personalized solutions, cutting, coloring, care for a unique hair experience.

Detox Ritual, Volumizing Ritual, Ritual Nourishing care paraben free, without dye nor sls rich in natural extracts signed Christophe Robin

For men, traditional barber treatments are à la carte.

Beauty salon open from Monday to Saturday, from 9h to 12h30 and from 14h to 17h30, on reservation and subject to availability.

Beauty salon open from Monday to Saturday, from 9h to 12h30 and from 14h to 17h30, on reservation and subject to availability.